The importance of ESG to Gneiss Energy
This week we have given coverage to how Gneiss Energy’s policies and operational practices will continue to ensure that its Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities are fully met. Managing Director, Jon Fitzpatrick, discusses his perspectives and why getting this right, for both employees and clients, is crucial to our continuing success.
“Increasingly, with respect to ESG, there is pressure on our client base to respond, both from an investor perspective and from societal pressure. COP26 has further highlighted the importance of this area for all of us. Advising our clients during a time of increased focus means that articulation and clarity of ESG credentials are vital. Furthermore, we need to be seen to have taken early initiative if we are to have credibility in how we advise them. That’s one side of the equation. The other aspect is that the talent of the future has a quite different view of what constitutes employer-appeal, perhaps, than that of previous generations. Salary expectations and job security no longer necessarily top the list of requirements, with factors such as community involvement, working environment and work/life balance now having much greater weighting.
It’s really important to me that the team at Gneiss Energy can offer our clients a truly outstanding service and that they achieve that by operating within an environment that in every way possible is entirely conducive to that end.
The current generation of graduate recruits will be the leaders of the future and giving them the appropriate tools, encouragement and guidance combined with a socially responsible ethical approach will help them to meet and beat any obstacles which stand in their way."
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I’m an ardent believer in nurturing talent and getting our own ESG credentials right is the best way to ensure that.

Jon Fitzpatrick

Managing Director

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